nagios on windows

‘install nsclientpp on windows server. I used version 2012-12-02.

in’ nsclient.ini:
in NRPE section check the port and ssl parameter. allow arguments

in external script section:
enable argument.

in alias section ‘/’settings/external scripts/alias]
define the alias command that you will call from nagios. it helps to reduce parameters on server side, cpu or process example elow’ ‘:

; alias_cpu – Alias for alias_cpu. To configure this item add a section called: /settings/external scripts/alias/alias_cpu
alias_cpu = checkCPU arn=80′ ‘crit=90 time=5m time=1m time=30s

; alias_process – Alias for alias_process. To configure this item add a section called: /settings/external scripts/lias’/’alias_process
alias_process = checkProcState $ARG1$=started »

; bob (test with py script)
alias_bob = bob

then in wrapped scripts maps he’ ‘alias to a real script located on windows

; A list of wrappped scripts (ie. using the template mechanism)
[/settings/external scripts/wrapped cripts]
‘ ‘check_updates = scripts\\check_updates.vbs
bob =

and at last’

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